7 Major M&A Deals That Broke Down Due To COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on the market for mergers and acquisitions in the middle of last year, causing a short­term stoppage in deal activity, leading multiple major transactions to be revised or abandoned, and resulting in some parties taking their disputes to court. Here, Law360 looks at seven of the most significant deals that broke down because of the effects of COVID­19.

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Research in the speed of light? A brief reflection on contemporary academic production

I was recently introduced to a very inspiring podcast telling the history of Charles Darwin in his path until he finally came to writing On the Origin of Species. Among several curiosities and a thorough historical account, as I frenetically listened to their captivating list of episodes, it was Darwin's path as a researcher that intrigued me the most.

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There’s a push for SA to protect the name ‘biltong’ ­ but Namibia could be a problem

In South Africa, biltong is estimated to be an industry worth R2.4 billion per year. The way foreign buyers are warming to it suggests the international market could be much bigger than that; in 2020, a leading American biltong producer reported a year­on­year increase in sales of up to 500%, while a British producer saw sales skyrocket during the lockdown.

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Five Classic Examples of Trademark

There are many different types of distinctive marks that are classified as trademarks. A company's name, a sporting team's mascot and famous singer's lyrics are all considered trademarks. To better understand the different types of trademarks, I have compiled a list of five classic examples of trademarks.

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