7 Major M&A Deals That Broke Down Due To COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on the market for mergers and acquisitions in the middle of last year, causing a short­term stoppage in deal activity, leading multiple major transactions to be revised or abandoned, and resulting in some parties taking their disputes to court. Here, Law360 looks at seven of the most significant deals that broke down because of the effects of COVID­19.

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The big question: Can we make up for lost time?

New Year's Eve is supposed to be a happy occasion, but saying goodbye to yet another year can also feel a little wistful. Not this time, I reckon. Can you remember a year you were happier to see the back of? 2020 began in the U.S. with the promise of a nasty election campaign and news of a novel virus spreading rapidly in China. It will end with our democracy deeply shaken, more than 300,000 dead, and many more to come before the new vaccines kick in.

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Covid­19 vaccine: SA’s race to nab the jab hots up

As a record number of new infections overwhelmed some hospitals this week, SA's long­awaited vaccine programme went into overdrive, with the first jab expected to be administered by the end of January and the government in "advanced" negotiations with vaccine manufacturers across the globe. Health minister Zweli Mkhize told the Sunday Times that despite concerns by some over the perceived slow pace of securing vaccines, SA will complete its vaccination programme "with many other countries that started ahead of us".

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Moderna Won’t Enforce COVID­19 Patents During Pandemic

Moderna Therapeutics said Thursday it won't enforce seven patents related to its coronavirus vaccine during the pandemic, an unprecedented move in an industry known for vigorously protecting its intellectual property and one that could have a ripple effect across other companies. Biotechnology company Moderna says it has a "special obligation" to make its intellectual property available to other companies attempting to make a COVID­19 vaccine. In photo, a Moderna building in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (AP Photo/Bill Sikes)

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Three Mistakes in the Moral Reasoning About the Covid­19 Pandemic

The response to the Covid­19 pandemic, and the public discourse about the pandemic, can be used to illustrate three common mistakes in moral reasoning. The first of these mistakes involves a failure to realize that trade­offs are unavoidable when it comes to public decision. The second of these is a failure by public officials to weigh different interests against each other in a democratically legitimate way. The third is a mistaken application of the notorious "precautionary principle". I suggest that these three mistakes have a common source, namely, a failure to engage in holistic (all­things­considered) reasoning.

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