Genetic Patenting: The Saga Between Sequenom, Inc. V Ariosa Diagnostics, Inc [2019] HIPR 89 (FCA)

The patent rights associated with non-invasive prenatal genetic testing based on maternal blood sampling lay at the heart of the litigation between the parties in this matter. In the Australian Federal Court, Sequenom, as owner of a patent in that regard, accused Ariosa of infringement of its patent.

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Property Investors Alliance Pty Ltd v Qi [2018] HIPR 12 (NSWSC)

These proceedings concern the undisputed facts that Mr. Qi and Mr. Tong, while employed by PIA: 1) established the third defendant, Rental Master Pty Ltd to compete with PIA, 2) in breach of their contractual, fiduciary and statutory obligations caused clients of PIA to become clients of Rental Master and Rental Master to manage 44 properties owned by those clients; and, 3 caused Rental Master to manage 60 further properties. Equitable compensation and account of profits discussed and decided.

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