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Although the website (www) is labelled as “law reports” it is in fact much more:

  • It is aimed at a world-wide audience yet its African aspect will not be neglected.
  • It comprises, for example:

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This website is run in conjunction with LexisNexis (RSA)

LexisNexis (RSA) publishes an online product called Harms Intellectual Property Law Reports (“HIPLR”). The product is a one-stop for IP & IT law (world-wide), which means it does not only cover law reports.

HIPLR is subscription based. Please contact Louis Podbielski to subscribe to that product at: louis.podbielski@lexisnexis.co.za.

About the Author

Derek Rumpff Harms SC is a senior advocate practising in South Africa and abroad. He is also an admitted solicitor of England & Wales. He has been practising 23 years at the Bar in South Africa, focusing on IP law after completing his studies at the specially designated IP law school which was established at Queen Mary & Westfield College, London University (in the 1990’s).

The editor has 23 years practice experience in hard and soft IP litigation: including Patents, Plant Breeders’ Rights (aka as plant patents –‘PBR’), Trade Marks, Designs, Copyright, Competition Law, Trade secrets, Publicity rights, Moral Rights etc. and related commercial litigation: motions, trials and appeals.

He has worked for (or acted against):

  • many major international pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi, Merck & Co, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca.
  • quite a lot of mechanical engineering companies, in particular in the mining and construction industries, both of which generate a lot of patent work.
  • numerous major international Brands e.g. from Coca Cola, Microsoft to GAP in passing-off matters, trade marks and advertising issues.
  • sport companies e.g. for the South African Rugby Union and an urgent case which concerned the soccer world cup (branding) when it was hosted by South Africa.
  • some major international companies involved in plant breeders’ rights, such as MONSANTO and PANNAR [and SENSAKO (in RSA)]. He has been counsel in the most of the PBR cases in South Africa.
  • Publishing = music/books – copyright.

He has managed, advised on, and appeared in cases (of which 30 plus have been officially reported) during the last 23 years in/before (among other tribunals):

  • High Court, Supreme Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court.
  • Magistrates’ (as rank junior) and Superior courts.

  • Registrar of Trade Marks, Patents, Designs and Copyright. He has also been briefed in matters by the Registrar to act on the Department’s behalf.
  • Advertising Standards Authority.

  • Competition Commission.

  • IP Arbitrators

  • Registrar of Plant Breeders’ Rights as well as the Appeal Committee of Plant Breeders’ Rights.

  • Tribunals in South Africa as well as the International Tribunal (ICANN) in domain name disputes.

The editor has been involved as contributor, author or editor in:

  • Harms, Civil Procedure in the Superior Courts, LexisNexis (loose leaf and online).

  • Harms, Civil Procedure in the Magistrates’ Courts, LexisNexis (loose leaf and online).

  • Consolidated Practice Directives Manual, LexisNexis (loose leaf and online).

  • Procedural Timetables and Prescription Periods, LexisNexis (softcover and online)

  • European Intellectual Property Review – published several case reports, short articles and the like in his name.

  • De Rebus (RSA attorneys official magazine).

  • Editing, the 1995 edition of Introduction to Intellectual Property Law (Phillips & Firth) which is published in the UK by LexisNexis-Butterworths.

  • The Intellectual Property Review which was a new addition to the internationally published Law Reviews legal publications.


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